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We offer a bespoke Idea Generation workshop programme.


It works by offering teams new ways of thinking about the issues and problems they face, by exploring new connections between the seemingly unrelated. It's worked for teams looking for ways to meet unmet needs, looking to reposition brands, searching for whole new product areas, or new ways of reaching their customer. At its heart is an approach to thinking - to seeing the world - that has more in common with the way artists, writers and inventors work, than with our everyday, linear, experience based methods.


Often combined with consumer group discussions, the process takes place over 1-3 days. We usually work with a multi-disciplinary team of 6-9. We're often told how valuable the process is, not simply in tackling marketing or communications issues, but in bringing together teams of people and creating real momentum behind a project.


Our views about creative problem solving are not founded  on the belief that more information yields better results - it's what you do with the information you have that matters more. Consequently we ask participants to arrive with only an open mind and a real desire to generate genuinely new thinking. That's almost all the preparation necessary.


Clients who have used our process and variations of it, include...



BBC Worldwide




Procter & Gamble


Highland Distillers



Anchor Foods

Silverlink Trains


Christian Aid

JMC Holidays


Amnesty International


Many clients have used us more than once. For one company, we have, to date, conducted 20 workshops.

We also offer tailored Brand Essence workshop processes.


Often combined with our ideagen work, this workshop aims to take you back to the heart of the brand to discover its unique meaning - the foundation on which it can build a relationship with its public. This may go deeper than the brand's current manifestation. It uncovers the unique and motivating role that the brand can take in the lives of customers and potential customers.


Some people call this the brand 'truth'. It is. Without a grip on it, marketing communications can be doomed to grope around in the dark, unsure how to chart a direction forward, or judge one opportunity against the next.


We typically work with a multi-disciplinary team of 6-9 over 1-3 days. The process usually involves three key stages:


Elicitation - exploring what we know, our beliefs, understandings, impressions, prejuducies etc.


Exploration - a deeper look at the constituent parts of the brand, in terms of where it came from, what it does (for whom, and how), its personality, the values that underpin it, the 'real' relationships it has with its consumer and how it sits in its market (alongside its competitors.)


Articulation - A rebuilding of the telling insight we have gained into an expression of the uniqueness of the brand, on which we can found its future success.


We often include consumers within the process.


Clients who have used this approach with us include:





Christian Aid

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brand essence